Climb2 Modular Ladder Systems - Step Ladders + Bridges

Climb2 Ladder Systems includes Modular Fixed Ladders, Pull/Fold Down Ladders and Concealed Ladders that provide safe and easy access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms for inspection, preventative maintenance and servicing. Climb2 ladders have a unique precision and profiled design which ensures a high level of safety and confidence for maintenance personnel.

The proprietary Climb2 Modular Ladder System has various configurations which can incorporate a fall protection ladder fall arrest system depending on ladder height and application and ladder cages are available but not recommended. Climb2 Modular Ladders are constructed from high strength industrial grade aluminium materials incorporating a non-slip ergonomic design providing an aesthetically pleasing lightweight robust construction. Prefabricated modular components provide easy on-site assembly with no welding required. A Connect2 Vertical Lifeline can be integrated to vertical ladders to provide constant fall protection.

Climb2 Ladders are manufactured to exceed the demands of even the most challenging applications, engineering the correct ladder requirements to suit and to comply with all mandatory regulations, codes of practice and standards with a 10-year warranty. Our specialist Designers and Engineers can provide a comprehensive package for your projects and will work Architects, builders and facility managers to customise a suitable design. Our agile modular design means that Ladders components are kept in stock and are ready to be despatched to our National team of Specialist Technicians who are ready to install the complete customised solution for your projects.