Access2 Engineered Modular Platforms

Access2 Engineered Modular Platforms are surface mounted and ideal for any roof or structure. Architects today like to cluster units together on rooftops based on aesthetics but has many other advantages including reducing the amount of penetrations through the roof and is also excellent from a safety perspective as well. Fabricated from marine grade aluminium, our skeletal and mesh plant platforms weigh 75% less than the alternative structural steel systems.

Access2 Engineered Modular Platforms have a unique low profile lightweight aluminium modular design distributes your load evenly without penetrating the pan of the roof, spreading the enormous weights of multiple units reducing the structural requirements of the roof. The Engineered Modular Platform is capable of supporting loads from 2.5kPa up to 5kPa and greater where required. The lightweight modular plant platforms are generations ahead of the conventional structural steel platforms. All Aluminium components with stainless steel fixings are backed by our 20-year warranty.

Access2 Engineered Modular Platform range incorporates a complete range of options including Handrails, Screens, Louvers and Acoustic Screens which can be all powder coated to match in with the roof and surrounding elements to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our specialist Designers and Engineers can provide a comprehensive package for your projects and will work with builders, engineers and mechanical contractors to customise a suitable design. Our agile modular design means that platforms are kept in stock and are ready to be despatched to our National team of Specialist Technicians who are ready to install the complete customised solution for your projects.