Connect2 Anchor Systems - Anchors

Anchor Systems are the most economical solution to provide safe access for gutter maintenance, roof mounted plant servicing, solar panels and roof-mounted mechanical equipment or abseiling. Given they are at the bottom of the table when it comes to the hierarchy of control, it is essential a comprehensive customised design is provided to ensure maximum safety.

Connect2 Anchor Systems from Safemaster are engineered to withstand the dynamic and residual forces required in accordance with the current Standards. All Safemaster Connect2 Anchors are manufactured from Stainless Steel and incorporate a batch number to provide traceability. Connect2 Anchors are uniquely designed to absorb energy thereby reducing the forces to the structures.

Connect2 Anchor Systems always require the use of the CatchU Fall Prevention Equipment such as a height safety kit including a safety harness, ropeline, energy absorbing lanyard to provide a comprehensive fall protection system. Safemaster also has the Connect2 Temporary Anchor Systems that can be used in multiple applications.

Our specialist Designers and Engineers can provide a comprehensive design for your projects. Our national team of Specialist Technicians are ready to install the complete customised solution for your projects. Safemaster supplies a full range of complementary height safety products for ultimate peace of mind.