Workplace Audits + Risk Assessments

Be sure your people are protected and your liability is minimised.

We provide you with a long-term recommended solution and statutory requirements, and works as a basis for you to gain a true and accurate understanding of your safety system requirement and budgetary costs. We take into consideration the structural design of the building and the likely loads applied to the design by use of the system.

We will provide risk assessment by specialists for:

:: Compliance with fall prevention standards
:: Cost-effective system design and engineering
:: Site ranking so you can prioritise and safeguard the most hazardous first

The process begins with on-site assessments of access to:

:: Mechanical plant for maintenance
:: Guttering and storm water for maintenance and repair
:: External lighting for maintenance
:: Telecommunications transmission equipment
:: Windows for cleaning and repairs
:: Skylights for cleaning and repairs
:: Roof areas to retrieve objects
:: Roof areas for inspection and maintenance
:: Eaves and fascias for repairs, painting, etc.

Site assessments are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards and the hierarchy of controls as demanded by state codes, and legislation is observed throughout the audit.

We are committed to work with you, your builder, architect or your maintenance team to ensure your building is height safety compliant and provides optimum performance now and for years to come.

For more information, call one of our product specialists on 1300 773 733.