Completed Projects


Eastwood NSW

Abseil2 Engineered Davits System in place for Facade Access with a Connect2 Concrete Anchor System to provide access to the davits.


Sydney NSW

Access2 Engineered Modular Aluminium Raked Platform System with Climb2 Modular Ladders to provide safe access to maintain the cooling towers.


Branksome Apartments NSW

Skybridge2 Aluminium Walkway System to provide access to maintain solar panels and access to the Access2 Modular Screened Platform.


Fingal Bay NSW

Connect2 Surfacemount Anchor Point System for safe access to maintain the roof and gutters.


Hoxton Park NSW

Climb2 Modular Aluminium Ladder engineered to reach 19m with 3 rest platforms to access the high roof.


Williamtown Airbase NSW

Connect2 Horizontal Life Rail engineered to be suspended from the structure with retractable fall arrester to provide safe access for maintenance to the fuselage, engine, wings etc.


Wollongong Foreshore NSW

Connect2 Lifeline System mounted into concrete footings to provide safe access to maintain the foreshore landscape.


Moruya NSW

Connect2 Lifeline System installed to provide a safe access down the stairs when slippery. Shuttle on the line has a two way locking mechanism to keep the safe when climbing down and on the return.


Wollongong Harbour NSW

Skybridge2 Aluminium Walkway with handrail both sides on a curved roof to provide safe access between plant areas.


Forest Lodge NSW

Skybridge2 Aluminium Handrail powdercoated to prevent a fall into a courtyard. The handrail has been coloured a deep blue to provide suitable aesthetics to prevent it standing out.


Revesby NSW

Climb2 Modular Step Bridge to provide access over pipes and equipment. This system provides an excellent safe access solutions for egress over cluttered areas as seen.



Newcastle NSW

Climb2 Modular Step Ladder access to a Access2 Raised Modular Platform for access to Cooling Towers for Maintenance.


South Brisbane Qld

Climb2 Modular Ladder access system and Connect2 Surfacemount Anchors to provide safe access.


Mackay Qld

Access2 Suspended Modular Platform to provide access to airconditioning units.


Forest Lake Qld

Connect2 Surfacemount Anchor System to provide safe access to exhaust fans and gutters of a school building.


Alexandra Hills Qld

Connect2 Overhead Lifeline provided to safely access narrow ledge to clean the windows.


Rocklea Qld

A combination of Connect2 Surfacemount Anchors to access exhaust fans safety along with Skybridge2 FRP Walkway for access to the main airconditioning units.


Maryborough Qld

Connect2 Surface Mount Anchors to safely access the plant as seen on the roof.


Port Lincoln SA

Connect2 Surface Mount Anchors to safely access the plant as seen on the roof.


Sydney NSW

Connect2 Surface Mount Anchors and a Climb2 Ladder Bracket to safely access the roof to clean and the gutters as can be seen is neccessary.


Docklands Vic

Connect2 Custom Lifeline on stainless post installed in a garden bed to provide safe access when maintaining the garden.


Caringbah NSW

Access2 Modular Aluminium Platforms ready to be loaded with the plant required.


Fingal Bay NSW

Connect2 Tilefix Anchors can be seen in this photo, you will need to look closely to see the rings coming out from under the tiles.


Wodonga Vic

Connect2 Surfacemount Anchors to provide safe access plant and the gutters.


North Ryde NSW

Skybridge2 Aluminium Walkway with Handrail one side to provide a stable and secure pathway across the roof, free of trip hazards.



Prospect NSW

Climb2 Staircase to provide safe access to the water vessels when water level has receded. The stair provides a secure landing area with handrail to hold onto, and prevents personnel slipping.


Kellyville NSW

Safe access provided via Connect2 Anchors to maintain plant and equipment.


Sydney Cricket Ground NSW

Skybridge2 Aluminium Walkway with handrail and viewing platforms to maintain a safe working area.


Cromer NSW

Safe access along this tile roof shown is provided by the Connect2 Timberfix Lifeline.


Ulladulla NSW

Access2 Specialized Custom Hatch design for McDonalds stores. This system is usually designed to have the top ladder platform within the area of the hatch. The hatch lid can be automated.


Canberra ACT

Connect2 Surfacemounted Lifeline to provide safe access along the roof and to access the gutters for cleaning.


Smeaton Grange NSW

Access 2 Engineered Modular Platforms neatly located along the roof with AC units installed, with Skybridge2 FRP Walkway providing access to the units.