Projects Under Construction


Cardinal Freeman, NSW

Access2 Engineered Modular Aluminium Plant Platform
under construction.

The Modular Platform system snaps together very quickly and is then screwed off to provide an excellent structure. This system can be strengthened to take up the 5kPa without increasing the size of the members.


TLC Aged Care, Victoria

Access2 Engineered Modular Acoustic Platform
under construction.

The Modular Acoustic Platform shown has a 15mm CFC sheet floor and is designed to take 5kPa.


Melbourne, Victoria

Connect2 Lifeline/Staticline
under construction in Melbourne - Wheel and Skyline in the background. The Lifeline is continuous which a shuttle runs past the corners and intermediates, so the user stays connected at all times.


Bankstown, NSW

Access2 Engineered Modular Platform
under construction for maintenance access to a retention tank.

The platform was designed to provide safe access with Climb2 Modular Ladders anodised to provide a lasting solution given they will be partially submerged in waste water.


Macarthur, NSW


Connect2 Surfacemount Anchor Point System and Access2 Hatch systems under construction.