:: To provide Roof Access & Height Safety solutions tailored to suit the customer’s specific and individual requirements.

:: To provide cost effective solutions without compromise of quality or legislative compliance.

:: To provide the highest possible customer focused service in all areas of design, supply, installation, certification and training.

:: To remain market leaders in all areas through safety, quality, product innovation and excellence in customer satisfaction.

:: To create an atmosphere where each individual team member of the company is striving to reach the same goal of professional excellence within the industry.

Occupational Health & Safety

Safemaster recognises its moral and legal responsibilities in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, clients, contractors and visitors. Our commitment to fulfil these responsibilities extends to ensuring that our organisation’s operations do not place the local community or other persons in a shared workplace at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

Our policy will be realised by the positive attitudes and actions of all members of the company to prevent injuries or ill health by supporting the OHSIM program and following established work procedures.

It is our belief that the need to keep safe applies regardless of the location of the task being undertaken. The office/warehouse, sales activities, work travel, and installation sites are all considered part of our workplace.

Should an employee be injured or suffer ill health as a result of employment they will be supported to achieve a full and lasting recovery.

Quality Assurance

Safemaster’s Quality Assurance policy confirms our commitment to deliver the quality expected by our customers in the products and/or services that we supply to them. This quality policy applies equally to members of management, all employees, and also to contractors we engage.

We constantly seek to improve our processes and operational performance by using a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2008.

We accept that in refusing to compromise on safety and quality we may appear more expensive in comparison to other like organisations that do, but we ensure that Safemaster prospers on the basis of a reputation justified by work that consistently meets our customers’ requirements.

The implementation and maintenance of quality is monitored to ensure lessons and opportunities are identified and addressed. The overall performance of the QMS is regularly reviewed by Management to ensure it remains effective and relevant.

Environmental Management

Safemaster recognises its moral and legal responsibilities to protect the environment and minimise pollution.

Inevitably the processes we perform will lead to the creation of some emissions and wastes and these are managed to ensure regulatory obligations are fulfilled to minimise impacts on our environment.

Safemaster requires all persons to ensure that any risk to the environment from our activities is contained and controlled on-site, and activities that create wastes or emissions are regularly reviewed to ensure the activity complies with regulations and where practical alternatives in method or materials that reduce the effects on the environment are sought.