Davits & Roof Jockey Systems

Davits & Roof Jockey Systems

Safemaster's Abseil2 Engineered Davit Systems offer specialized access solutions for challenging architectural elements, ensuring safety and versatility for maintenance, repairs, and rescues.

Key Features:

  • Custom-engineered for versatility in difficult-to-access spaces.
  • Interchangeable components for tailored configurations.
  • Compliance with safety standards for optimal performance.

Abseil2 Engineered Mobile Roof Jockey/Davit Systems

  • Portable, lightweight, and suitable for various anchoring options.
  • Includes a unique system for high glass curtain walls.
  • Easy dismantling for compact storage.

Additional Benefits:

  • Compatibility with swinging stages for diverse applications.
  • Comprehensive service from design to installation by expert teams.

Choose Safemaster's Abseil2 Systems for reliable, custom-fit solutions that meet all your height-related safety needs.