Static Line Systems

Static Line Systems

Connect2 Lifeline Systems by Safemaster offer unparalleled safety and flexibility for workers in elevated environments, ensuring continuous protection and mobility during tasks like gutter maintenance, rooftop work, and equipment installations.

Key Features:

  • Continuous protection with a Lifeline shuttle that allows users to clip on at any point, enhancing fall prevention.
  • Applicable in a variety of settings, including rooftops, overhangs, walkways, and slopes.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and compliance with safety standards.
  • Energy-absorbing design that mitigates force impact during falls.
  • Includes a batch number for easy traceability and quality assurance.

Additional Requirements:

  • Recommendation for CatchU Fall Prevention Kits for comprehensive safety.
  • Availability of Temporary Lifeline Systems for flexible, short-term needs.

Service Excellence:

  • Custom design services from our expert team to meet specific project demands.
  • Nationwide installation by trained technicians to ensure efficient and correct setup.
  • A complete suite of height safety products to fully equip users for any situation.

Opt for Connect2 Lifeline Systems for secure and unrestricted movement in elevated work areas, where your safety is our ultimate commitment.