Roof Access Hatches & Panels

Access2 Roof Access Hatches by Safemaster are the ideal solutions for secure and versatile rooftop entry, designed to meet a wide array of applications, including maintenance access and unique architectural features.

Key Features:

  • Extensive variety catering to different structures and needs, including insulated, fire-rated, and sliding models.
  • Customizable colors for aesthetic integration with the rooftop environment.
  • Innovative designs that prioritize noise reduction and easy access.
  • Safety certifications to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

Service Excellence:

  • Dedicated design consultation to tailor hatches to specific project requirements.
  • A national team of technicians ensures prompt and efficient installation.

With Access2 Roof Access Hatches, enjoy seamless, secure, and aesthetically aligned access solutions for any rooftop or elevated space requirement.