Annual Inspection + Certification of Height Safety Systems

Australian Standards and State legislation mandate the periodic inspection of Height Safety Equipment. For your equipment to remain effective and compliant, it must be inspected, tested and tagged regularly by a recognized competent person to ensure stability is maintained.

It is imperative the personnel are competent with the system you have had installed and have been inducted by the manufacturer, as many companies seeking your custom don’t have the experience and often discredit systems to seek advantage and monetary gain.

To ensure that you are legally covered, inspection/certification periods are as follows:
:: Anchor Point & Rail Systems – Every 12 months
:: Static Line Systems – Every 12 months
:: Harnesses, Lanyards, Ropes, and all associated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Every 6 months
:: Ladder/Handrail/Walkway Systems – As per manufacturer’s recommendations

Safemaster can assist with your responsibility for your height safety systems. We provide a full inspection, proof load testing (if applicable), logging and annual certification service to all your buildings ensuring they maintain compliance with current regulations.

Our recertification services are based on schedule of rates for ensuring all works are carried out in the most economical manner possible without compromising compliance with all legislative guidelines.

On completion of the inspections, a detailed certificate and report is issued.

Documentation includes the following:
:: Each anchor point and static line will be assigned a recorded serial number, with date of inspection and next inspection dates clearly marked on the tag
:: Test results
:: Layout plan for height safety equipment
:: Certificate of Compliance
:: Photos, notes and recommendations, if applicable

By utilizing this service, you can rest assured that the height safety equipment is safe to use and meets the standards of efficiency and durability, as well as being available whenever needed.



We guarantee to better any offer to recertify or upgrade your Height Safety System

As experienced and leading manufacturers, recertifiers and installers in the Height Safety field, we are suitably competent to
satisfy your every need.

Safemaster has been designing, certifying and installing systems since 1999, which has more experience than most of the competitors in the industry.

Our team includes Engineers, Cert IV Trainers and Assessors, Project Managers, and competent Height Safety Consultants with
over 16 years’ experience. 

For more information, call one of our product specialists on 1300 773 733.