Engineering Services to Ensure Modular Platform Compliance

Safemaster guarantee's our engineered platforms and the structure to which they are connected

We will consult with your engineer to ensure that the structure to which we are installing our engineered platform system is adequate to take the loads applied in a fall. Ensuring the load applied in a fall is below the calculated is essential, and prevents additional costs.

Items to be considered when engineering a modular platform's compliance:
:: Construction materials
:: How the platform is to be fixed to the roof
:: If the roof structure in penetrated during installation, how will it be sealed
:: kPa rating of the platform
:: Weight of the platform and weight of items fixed to the platform

A Modular Platform which is fully adjustable, including the structural dynamics

The Access2 Engineered Lightweight Modular Platform Systems provide safe access to difficult locations, and provide an excellent levelled location for all plant and equipment on roofs, and high places. The platforms are engineered to suit individual locations, including a calculation to ensure the loads applied to any structure don’t exceed the calculated loads for such structures. The platforms are rated at 2.5kpa unless a greater capacity is required.

Access2 Engineered Platforms are designed to be self-supporting and are available powder-coated to reduce the visual impact. While being engineered they are made from a modular design, which provides a cost effective platform solution, with no welding required on site. Excellent for retrofitted projects to upgrade to ensure compliance.

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