System Design for Architects + Building Designers

Compliance, aesthetics and peace of mind at the design stage

Australia’s Safe Design of Structures Code of Practice and Section 28 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 demands designers eliminate hazards – both during the construction phase and in the decades of maintenance that follow – even before they are created. It’s bankable compliance.

Why? Because buildings designed to be safer are also inherently easier and cheaper to manage over their lifetimes. The benefit is less paperwork, simpler equipment, less risk and more attention to aesthetics.
Specialist height safety designers review the concepts and can consult on alterations to the building design to eliminate risks and reduce the need for specialist equipment (which reduces cost in the construction phase and future building maintenance) on the roof to access dangerous areas and reduce/eliminate dangerous areas).

Four steps to ensure that things are done properly and efficiently:

Step A: Scope of Works and Specification

Step B: Risk Assessment

Step C: Design

Step D: Cost Estimation

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